MuSkITYR @Osteologie 2021

Traditionally the annual Osteologie conference is a place for MuSkITYRs to meet and to present their results. Even if we could not catch-up personally this year, MuSkITYRs actively participated in the virtual edition of this year’s meeting. In collaboration with the DAdorW (Deutsche Akademie für osteologische und Rheumatologische Wissenschaften) and DGO (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteologie), a young scientists session was organized and included a great line up of speaker with basic research and clinical background. The session was moderate by Prof. Arndt Schilling (DAdorW), Prof. Andreas Roth (DGO) and Dr. Felix Schmidt and PD Marietta Herrmann representing the MuSkITYRs. The best basic and clinical presentation were honored  and a “best question” price was awarded for the most active participation in the discussion. We would like to thank all presenters for their great contributions and are looking forward to meet you soon again in person!

Award winners

Giulia Furesi, Dresden (Best presentation basic research)

Andreas Lipphaus, Bochum (Best presentation clinical research)

Kai Böker, Göttingen (Best question)


Andreas Lipphaus, BochumComputational simulation of growth after temporal proximal tibial hemiepiphysiodesis in idiopathic genu valgum
Sofia Paulus, Würzburg Establishment of Alkaline Phosphatase deficient odontogenous cell lines to analyze dental aspects of hypophosphatasia
Giulia Furesi, DresdenExtracellular vesiscles derived from prostate cancer cells influence osteoblast activity
Franziska Wirth, HeidelbergOsteoblasten stimulieren die Hämatopoese durch IL-4 Produktion
Kai Böker, GöttingenVascularized 3D-bone and cartilage tissue engineering
Moritz Pfeiffenberger, BerlinDas in-vitro-3D-Frakturspalt-Modell: Eine präklinische Test-Plattform
Franca Genest, WürzburgValidität der Stride Length Variabilität als Parameter zur Risikoabschätzung muskulärer Defizite im Alter
Franca Genest, WürzburgBone Turnover und Knochenstoffwechsel bei erwachsenen Patienten mit Hypophosphatasie mit kindlichem Onset unter laufender rekombinanter Enzymersatztherapie
Caren Zöller, HeidelbergDie Fibronektinisoform EDB verbessert die Knochendichte in vivo
Aria Sallakhi, WienAbnehmende Handkraft als Indikator für eine erhöhte Sterblichkeit bei Patienten unter alleiniger spezifischer Osteoporosetherapie
Franca Genest, WürzburgLangzeiteffektivität unter Asfotase alfa unter erwachsenen Hypophosphatasie-Patienten mit kindlichem Onset in der klinischen Routine nach insgesamt 24 Monaten Therapie­dauer

II. MuSkITYR Conference

Dear MuSkITYRs,

at the 9th and 10th of Nov. 2020 we have planned our second MuSkITYR Conference in Göttingen. Yet, due to COVID-19 situation we have to unfortunately cancel this meeting. We are in the process of organizing an online meeting instead. We will inform you about the online session as soon as possible.

We are in the process of organizing an online meeting in November 2020

MuSkITYR Session at the Osteologie 2020

COVID-19 update (08/18/2020):
Osteology 2020 has been relocated. Due to the current pandemic, Osteology was reorganized in 2020. There will be no MuSkITYR session this year.

We are really looking forward to a meeting in the new year. Osteology 2021 in Bremen!

Congress website:
If you have any questions, please contact us at:

1st MuSkITYR Symposium

Dear MuSkITYRs,

at the 2nd and 3rd of Dec. 2019 we will hold our own MuSkITYR Symposium in Günzburg Get your abstracts ready and safe the date!

Keynote Lectures given by:
Martina Rauner & Franz Jakob

Costs: Undergraduates: 25€ (includes bachelor, master and MD students), PhD-Students: 50€, PostDocs: 75€ (includes clinicians)
Food and Accomodation included 
Cancellationfee: 150€ after the 30th Sept. ’19 

Abstract specifications:
• Language: de/en, Words: max. 250
• Send your abstract to:
• Deadline: 20.09.2019 (extended)
• Topic: Musculoskeletal research
• Publication of your abstract in the journal „Osteologie“

Knochen, Muskeln und Gelenke – Update 2019

Dear MuSkITYRs,
At the “Bones, Muscles and Joints – Update 2019” congress we have our own Young Investigator session and thus the opportunity for you to present your research in the musculoskeletal area. Would you like to participate? There are travel grants. All further information below.
We look forward to you!

Format: lecture + discussion
Date of the session: 11/9/19
Abstract deadline: 07/15/19
Abstract length: 250 words (de/en)
Send your abstract to:
Congress website:
If you have any questions, please contact us at: