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About us

The MuSkITYR (MusculoSkeletal Interdisciplinary Translational Young Researchers) are a community organized by young scientists, supporting the next generation of musculoskeletal researchers. We are open to anyone interested in musculoskeletal research: students, doctoral candidates, postdocs. Established scientists are welcome to take part via a sponsoring membership. We promote networking among young scientists and support interdisciplinary and translation in musculoskeletal research. The MuSkITYR are affiliated with DAdorW, the German Academy for osteological and rheumatological sciences (Deutsche Akademie für osteologische und Rheumatologische Wissenschaften).

Our goals…

… strengthen musculoskeletal interest across different associations,
… improve the link between clinic and basic research,
… deepen communication and understanding between the disciplines,
… promote advice and mentoring from established scientists.

In order to achieve these goals, the MuSkITYRs are represented at national congresses and regular meetings and offer a platform for networking. Members have the opportunity to apply for various prizes and grants.

The MuSkITYR membership is free!

The current board of the MuSkITYR organization consists of:

Speaker: Felix Schmidt & Kai Böker

Vice Speaker: Conny Schneider

Board: Katrin Bundkirchen, Verena Fischer, Ines Fössl, Franca Genest, Marietta Herrmann, Annemarie Lang, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Andreas Lipphaus, Carl Neuerburg, Merle Stein

Supporting Members: Prof. Franz Jakob, Prof. Claus-Christian Glüer, Prof. Heide Siggelkow, Prof. Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch, Prof. Björn Busse, Prof. Jan Tuckermann, Prof. Arndt Schilling